Self-reading for Non- Arabic speakers' students

Evaluative study

  • Abdelrazek mokhtar Mahmoud Professor of Curriculum& Instruction of Arabic Language Education, College of Education, Assiut University, Egypt. ,
  • Entesar Farghaly abd alazeem PhD Student at college of Education, Assiut University, Egypt.
Keywords: Self-reading, Non- Arabic speakers


Abstract: The current research aimed to know the self-reading dimensions needed for Non- Arabic speakers' students and its availability among them. The descriptive   approach was used in forming the theoretical framework whereas the experimental approach was used to apply the practical part of the research, For the research purposes, the following tools were used; A list of Self-Reading dimensions for Non- Arabic speakers' students consisted of (28) dimensions, and a scale for the dimensions was prepared for (13) students from the Russian delegation students (who represented petachorsk University) in Assuit University. After applying the above scale for the dimensions, results showed that the level of the students was low in Self-Reading main dimensions (Reading efficiency, self-reading sensing, attitude toward reading, sense of dyslexia). therefore, the research recommends to emphasis the importance of developing Self-Reading dimensions for Non- Arabic speakers' students, create new educational programs to support theses dimensions, and apply the appropriate teaching strategies and techniques, at the conclusion of the research some recommendations and proposals were given.

Key Words: Self-reading, Non- Arabic speakers


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