This Issue (Vol 3 No. 3 – July 2020) is The Eleventh Issue of The Journal; The Issue has (11)   articles, (2) In English, and (9) in Arabic. : 






  • Ethical dilemmas for the applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Prof.Dr. Gamal Ali El-Dahshan , Professor of “Foundation of Education", and the former Dean, College of Education, Menoufia University, Egypt.

  • An investigation into differentiated thinking styles of high and low emotional creativity (EC) among university students in light of Sternberg theory

Prof.Dr. Ali Mahmud Shoeib , Professor of Mental Psychology, College of Education, Menofia University, Egypt

Dr. Hind Mostafa Mohamed Raslan, PhD in Cognitive Psychology, College of Education, Menofia University, Egypt

  • Self-reading for Non- Arabic speakers' students (evaluative study)

Prof.Dr. Adbel Razek Mokhtar Mahmoud, Professor of Curriculum& Instruction of Arabic Language Education, College of Education, Assiut University, Egypt

Entesar Farghaly abd alazeem, PhD Student at college of Education, Assiut University, Egypt.

  • Green education is a future orientation in the digital age

Prof.Dr. Fayza Ahmed AlhussinI Megahed, Professor of History Education, Women's College, Ain Shams University, Egypt

  • Integration of educational outputs of STEM approach and the requirements of comprehensive and sustainable development

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Abdallah Hassan, Professor of Mathematics Education, AL Arish University, Egypt, Shaqraa University, Saudi Arabia

  • A Standard-based Evaluation of University English Majors' Reading Skills

Prof. Dr. Antar Abdellah, Professor of foreign language pedagogy, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia, and South Valley University. Egypt

Dr. Abdulrahman Olwi, Assistant professor of language education and the dean of e-learning at Taibah University. Saudi Arabia

  • Analytical study of factors affecting on Cyber-bullying using Multi-groups path analysis

Dr. Mahmoud Ali Mosa, Lecturer of Assessment and Educational Evaluation, College of Education, Suez Canal university, Egypt

  • Suggested perspective to develop secondary stage Arabic language curriculum in light of wisdom Dimensions

Dr. Suad Gaber Mahmud Hassan, PhD , Associate professor of Arabic Language Teaching, Aswan University, Egypt.

  • A strategic Effectiveness Based on Kagan Structures in Teaching Mathematics to Develop Numerical Sense Skills and The Twenty-First Century among Middle School Students in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mansour Samir El Sayed El Seidy, Associate Professor Curriculum and methodology of mathematics, Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

  • The effectiveness of mental mapping strategy in developing historical concepts, visual thinking and some habits of mind among fourth grade primary school students

Dr. Ibrahim Abdulfattah Rezq, Assistant Professor of Curricula and Instructions of Social Studies, Coolege of Education, Al-Areesh University, Egypt

  • ADHD is like a bat – it is neither a bird nor an animal: Saudi Parents’ Discourses About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Ms/ Rabab Saleh Alharbi, Researcher, University of Ottawa, Canada

Published: 2020-05-31