Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of the International Journal of Research in Educational Sciences

The International Journal of Research in Educational Sciences (IJRES) is dedicated to providing outstanding research dissemination services that contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and its applications in various fields of educational sciences with high quality, in accordance with international standards that confirm its excellence, and support the achievement of its mission and strategic objectives to reach leadership and global excellence in the field of scientific publishing.

To achieve its mission and strategic objectives, the International Journal of Research in Educational Sciences is committed to the continuous improvement and improvement of the levels of scientific publishing, and to enhance the efficiency of creativity and excellence of researchers. The journal also seeks to enhance the capabilities of researchers, and provide them with the basic knowledge and skills in scientific research, to achieve research excellence, and linking it to issues. In a stimulating environment for scientific research and intellectual creativity in an effort to provide outstanding research and educational studies.

The Journal is also committed to serving all target segments through building bridges of communication and partnerships regionally and globally, the magazine is committed to the application of all legal and regulatory requirements, and to review the objectives of quality and academic, technical and administrative follow-up, and continuous improvement of the quality management system to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of the quality system in accordance with the international standard. ISO.8: 2019).

 The Journal Editors are committed to conducting and improving the quality system in place as well as to ensuring that the policy is understood and accepted by all team members. The right and commitment of all members of our team is to maintain the quality policy, improve the quality management system and achieve appreciation for themselves and the newspaper. The quality management system has been described in the quality rules and regulations. The quality team and the quality manager as administrative representatives are responsible for oversight and information related to the implementation of this policy.