Scientific Conferences: What is for it and what is on it?

  • Gamal Ali El-Dahshan Professor of “Foundation of Education", and Dean, College of Education, Menoufia University, Egypt.
Keywords: scientific research, , scientific conferences



Conferences and scientific meetings are the most important scientific and academic activities of the university and research institutions because they have an importance that is not hidden from everyone in the development of knowledge and skills and increase experience and identification of scientific figures. Therefore, many students of science and researchers are keen to attend conferences, seminars and scientific forums. Despite the fact that these local and private public and private conferences and seminars have witnessed considerable mobility and development in recent years, many of them have not yet presented the new and are still below the desired, expected and expected level, and do not touch the needs of the reality, specifically in terms of content, content, preparation, presentation, , Which necessitates the need to discuss the importance of scientific conferences and its benefits, and the introduction of a set of proposals to activate its role in the development of scientific research and researchers and community service.

Keywords: scientific research, scientific conferences.


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