Issues in Educational Research: Vision and Proposals

  • Mohammed Amin Elmofti Professor of Mathematics Education and the former Dean of College of Education, Ain Shams University
Keywords: Educational Research, Problems of Educational Research, Individual Research, Collective Research, Research Ethics.


The present article reviews some basic issues in educational research and proposals for dealing with them. It begins with defining the term and definition of educational research. Then it presents the issues in sequence and provides proposals for addressing them. The first issue is the integration and coordination between researches conducted in the faculties of education and educational research centers at the local, regional and global levels. The second issue is the necessity of establishing an educational research map at the national and regional levels. The third issue is individual research versus collective and Cooperative research. The fourth issue is the role of the results of educational research in educational decision making. The fifth issue is the consistency of the terms used in the educational research. The sixth issue is financing the educational research. Finally, the article ends with the seventh issue, the ethics of scientific research.


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